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Welcome to our website and we hope you will find it informative as well as to the point.
Sung Chang Trading Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1982 with the business idea to be a "Technology-oriented firms" on the basis of philosophy "Honor everyone of our customers our number one priority".

Since foundation we have supplied highly qualified machines world wide into Korea, and with self-confidence as a fore-front leader in the paper industry our holding company, Sung Chang Co.,Ltd. built a fully equipped factory in Shihwa industrial complex in 1990 to produce machinery for paper mills.

Based on our continual research and development of production technology, we are devoting ourselves to manufacture ultimate highly qualified machines and providing them our customers with full satisfaction and to offer sales-after services at our best.

As you know well, we are now facing to the status quo of energy exhaustion and green forest devastation due to ecological destruction.

We think it quite serious and vital mission to solve the problems within our generation through energy-saving and wasted resources reusing.

We have dedicated accordingly our full-equipped technical forces of us to innovate in the energy-saving system and waste paper recycling facilities.

In our website, we Sung Chang are trying to operate a network mechanism which would share world wide paper production technology combined relevant useful data with you in the Q&A site.

We are looking forward to friendly cooperation with encouragement of you, dear our customers.

Thank you.